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Your Journey

Sharon Wilson and the experts at Milestone Life help individuals identify obstacles, improve outcomes, and achieve goals.

one milestone
at a time


Sharon is an internationally certified coach, speaker, & trainer through the John C. Maxwell program. Through Coach Sharon™ coaching programs and events, clients are empowered, encouraged, equipped to be the change they want to see.

The Coach Sharon™ team provides coaching with a focus on personal empowerment, identity, and purpose.

Workshops, Courses, & Seminars

experience the wow factor

that the coaches of Coach Sharon™

bring during one of its live events

Personal and Group Coaching

Ready for coaching services?

You'll find a solution that

meets you right where you are

Daily Milestone Moment® &
GPS² Prayer Requests

The best of the Coach Sharon™ team delivered right to your mobile device or inbox!

In this her first book, Sharon published a collection of daily Milestone Moment® for readers all over the world to enjoy and apply to their lives and become the change they want to see.  

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